Which Tooth Replacement Method is Right For You?

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Replacing missing teeth is beneficial on two levels. First, you will feel more confident with a full set of teeth. Second, a full smile is a healthy smile. If you are missing teeth, plaque and bacteria have extra places to accumulate and breed, your remaining teeth may drift out of alignment, and you may have difficulty speaking and eating effectively. But which replacement method is right for you? WIll implants work best? How about dentures? Is a dental bridge your best option?

Dental implants are popular because they are created to blend in with your other teeth. What’s more, they are sturdy. They are attached to titanium posts that are implanted in jawbone. The jaw then grows around the implants. This keeps the implants in place and helps the health of your jaw. Implants can also be brushed and flossed just like your normal teeth. But implants require surgery, and healthy gums and jaws. So depending on your stage in life, your oral and overall health, your medications and lifestyle, implants may or may not work for you.

Dentures can frequently be made and fitted in a single day. They are easy to maintain, since they can be removed for cleaning or sports activities. However, many people are uncomfortable with the feel of dentures in their mouth, and for some people, dentures can trigger their gag reflex.

A dental bridge is often a good compromise between the two. A bridge offers the stability of implants, without the surgery or the health considerations, and a bridge is easier to place. The dentist will use the teeth on either end of the gap in your smile to hold crowns which will anchor the bridge. Those teeth will have some, or most of the enamel removed. An impression will be taken of those teeth and the surrounding area. The impression will be sent to a dental lab where your permanent bridge will be made. You will be given a temporary bridge and crowns to wear in the interim. Wnen your permament dental work is ready, your dentist will fix it in place with dental cement.

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