Treat Your Dental Anxiety With the Help of Oral Conscious Sedation

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Many people experience dental anxiety, and if you are in that group, you are not alone. With the help of oral conscious sedation, however, your dental anxiety can be a thing of the past.

At Dentist 4 Life - Mark DeVuyst DDS, PC, Dr. Mark DeVuyst is pleased to offer oral conscious sedation for our patients in Clinton Township, Michigan. Our goal is to provide you with the quality care you deserve in the most comfortable way possible. We want our patients to leave our office feeling positive about their time with us. Let’s look at how conscious sedation can help you have a better dental experience!

— Oral conscious sedation is simply a type of sedation that allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable during your procedure while remaining awake.

— Oral sedation does not involve needles or injections so you can feel no pain as your medication is administered. Our dentist simply prescribes a pill for you to take before your appointment. All you do is follow the instructions given and bring someone with you who can drive you to and from your appointment until the medication wears off.

–After your medication kicks in, you should feel a mild, amnesic effect as well as comfortable and relaxed. You will be awake during your procedure but may also experience drowsiness so that you may not remember everything that occurs during the process.

Oral conscious sedation is a painless, effective method of treating dental anxiety to give you a positive outcome.  If you need to schedule some dental work and would like to know more about sedation dentistry, please give us a call at 586-416-1625 today to find out more. Dr. Mark DeVuyst and our team in Clinton Township, Michigan, are here to give you the quality dental care you deserve in a comfortable, relaxing environment!