The Basics of Tooth Decay

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Since you were very young, you have been taught to brush your teeth to avoid cavities. But cavities just don’t appear on their own. So how do you get cavities?

This may not be a pleasant fact, but the truth is that your mouth is full of bacteria. When you eat foods that contain starches and sugars, the bacteria can sue those substances to create acids, which then attack the minerals in your teeth. That process can be helped by acidic foods and drinks, such as soft drinks, that can also wear down the enamel on your teeth.

If your teeth are not properly aligned, or you grind or clench your teeth, your enamel can be affected. If your dentist detects the damage early enough, you might be able to reduce it with the fluoride in your toothpaste or tap water, or even the minerals in your saliva. If the enamel is penetrated, then your dentist will have to fix the problem.

Avoiding cavities are not as difficult as you might think. Avoiding sugary and starchy foods will help reduce the chances cavities will develop. It is also important to brush your teeth at least twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride, and floss at at least once a day. And, you should see your dentist every six months for your routine cleaning and exam.

Not only will your dentist remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth, but he will check your teeth for cavities, or places where they might develop. If the time has come for your checkup, or dentist, Dr. Mark DeVuyst will be happy to see you. To make an appointment at Dentist 4 Life - Mark DeVuyst DDS, PC in Clinton Township, Michigan, call 586-416-1625 today.