The Advantages of Getting a Dental Bridge for the Holidays

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With all the Halloween haunts in our rearview mirror, our sights for more savory sweets have now turned to the next big buffet party bash on our list: Thanksgiving. Please remember not to go overboard, and don’t forget to keep your oral healthcare at a premium. Sadly, many individuals this year won’t even get the chance to dive into their favorite delectable delights because their teeth won’t allow them. If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge may be just what the dentist ordered for your happy Thanksgiving. Dental bridges can offer up an array of advantages for the holidays:

Appearance: bridges can vastly improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile
Eating: bridges can make it much easier to chew food than with removable dentures or missing teeth
Speech: bridges can vastly improve speech, especially if the bridge is for the upper front teeth
Alignment: bridges prevent further misalignment of the jaw and bite line caused by missing teeth
Drifting: bridges can prevent further movement of teeth from wandering out of position due to toothless gaps
Facial Structure: dental bridges can fix malformed facial structures caused by missing teeth
Durability: with proper care and maintenance, a dental bridge can last over a decade

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