A Temporary Crown Does Not Restore a Tooth’s Ability to Chew

A dental crown restoration typically has two distinction stages of treatment. The first appointment calls for removing the enamel layer of the tooth and addressing any decay that might have affected the internal structures of the tooth. This leaves behind an abutment that can anchor the crown in place. Dr. Mark DeVuyst will then create an impression, which will be... read more »

There Are Multiple Methods for Restoring Your Natural White Smile

At Dentist 4 Life - Mark DeVuyst DDS, PC, our dental staff understands the kind of anxiety and social discomfort that comes with having a stained smile. Fortunately, our highly trained dentist is experienced in a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments. The severity of the stains on your teeth will determine the whitening method or treatment he recommends. Sometimes... read more »

Tooth Loss from an Untreated Cavity Can Often Be Fixed with a Bridge

Cavities are often the end product of poor oral hygiene habits or irregular attendance to your regular dental checkup at Dentist 4 Life - Mark DeVuyst DDS, PC. Without timely, professional treatment, the bacterial decay can gradually penetrate deep into the root of the tooth. If the decay is too extreme to be treated by a root canal, Dr. Mark... read more »

A Crown Might Be Needed to Restore a Tooth Suffering from a Dental Fracture

Dental fractures are often an unfortunate result of oral trauma or other unnatural activity. Regardless of the cause, we strongly recommend having all dental fractures treated at Dentist 4 Life. The damaged enamel can cause heightened sensitivity and even trap food particles and plaque. This can cause a dangerous cavity in the otherwise healthy tooth enamel. To prevent these complications... read more »

The Facts About Bi-Annual Teeth Cleanings

You probably know that you should visit our team regularly if you’re interested in protecting the health of your teeth. For this reason, even though your time is important, we recommend visiting us twice a month. In reality, skipping these bi-annual cleanings can lead to a number of problems. Of course, our team will clean your teeth during these appointments,... read more »

Treating Tooth Decay: What You Should Know

Have you ever chomped down on a favorite food only to have pain shoot through your mouth? While there are a number of potential reasons for this pain, did you know that tooth decay is one possible cause? Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to address tooth decay. For instance, if your decay is only affecting... read more »

Simple Tricks for Great Oral Health

It's really easy to think about your waistline, improving your sleep, or other health-related goals when focusing on how to improve your overall health. One aspect, though, that's chronically overlooked is that of your oral health. Your oral health is hugely important for the health of the rest of your body, and without great oral health your systemic health will... read more »

How to Cultivate Healthy Oral Habits for Your Child

At Dentist 4 Life - Mark DeVuyst DDS, PC in Clinton Township, Michigan, we invite our patients to take good care of their child's baby teeth to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Dr. Mark DeVuyst and our team are happy to share some basic guidelines to help you care for your child's smile in their formative years. In the... read more »

Weak Enamel and Your Teeth

You know that it’s important to keep your teeth healthy and strong. You probably know that you should brush twice a day for two minutes at a time and that you should floss daily. Similarly, it’s important for you to keep your enamel, which is the hard protective layer of your teeth, healthy and strong. Fortunately, there are a few... read more »

Tooth Squeeze: How to Prevent and Fight It

Did you know your teeth can suffer at high or low altitudes, just like your ears? Well, it’s true! It’s called tooth squeeze, also known as barodontalgia. This dental issue occurs when the air pockets in your teeth expand or contract due to the high or low air pressure. It’s common for scuba divers, pilots, mountain climbers, and submariners. To... read more »