Oral Cancer Screening 101

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We want you to enjoy the healthiest smile that you can. That is one of the reasons why we offer oral cancer screenings to our patients. Even though oral cancer can usually be treated successfully if they are caught in the early stages, most cases may not be detected until after they have already developed into the more difficult to treat advanced stages, which can be life threatening. One reason we encourage regular dental exams is so we can check for any signs of abnormalities or cancers developing.

During the oral cancer screening Dr. Mark DeVuyst can visually look at your neck, lips, face, inside of the nose and oral cavity for asymmetries, patches of color, swellings or other abnormalities. To do so, he may use a light, mirror, and/or tongue depressor and may ask you to say “Ahh” so he can see the back of your throat. Other tools can help our dentist to look at the other parts of your mouth.

Potentially during the visual exam, our dentist may also conduct the physical exam where he feels the head and around the jaw and oral cavity for anything unusual. Our dentist may ask you to swallow during this portion of the examination.

Because early detection may be key, you may want to contact Dentist 4 Life - Mark DeVuyst DDS, PC at 586-416-1625 for an oral cancer screening in Clinton Township, Michigan, if you have any of the following symptoms and they have lasted longer than two weeks:

-Discomfort, numbness or tenderness in your mouth or tongue.
-Swelling that makes wearing your dentures uncomfortable.
-Lumps, thick patches or sores in or around your throat or mouth.
-You feel like you have something stuck in your throat.
-Discomfort in one of your ears, but you don’t experience hearing loss.
-Difficulty moving your tongue or jaw, chewing, speaking or swallowing.
-Your teeth are loose without a known reason.