Dental Tips for a Lifelong Smile

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It’s important to avoid dental issues as much as possible in order to keep your smile strong and healthy for a lifetime. This can happen as long as you take proper care of your oral health every day. Our dentist and team offer three recommendations to help you care for your smile and maintain it for a lifetime.

First, we encourage you to brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth. It’s important to brush twice each day and floss and rinse daily to keep your smile clean from the development of plaque, which is a white and sticky substance appearing daily on your teeth that can lead to tooth decay.

Second, eat a healthy diet to provide better protection for your teeth. A tooth-friendly diet restricts your intake of sugar and includes lots of dairy products, vegetables, and fruit. You can further protect your teeth by wearing a custom sports mouth guard during any high-contact sporting activities.

Third, visit the dentist for a dental checkup every six months so that you can receive professional treatments that effectively remove harmful substances such as plaque from the teeth and gums to prevent the development of cavities.

By practicing these steps regularly, you can enjoy a lifetime of excellent dental health. Call 586-416-1625 today to schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. Mark DeVuyst, to discuss further habits for good oral health in Clinton Township, Michigan.