Dental Findings on Dental Crowns

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Protecting a smile has never been easier than it is now. Modern dentistry allows for the concoction of numerous tooth restorations that can drastically improve the look and the function of your oral health. If for any reason you have teeth that are struggling, consider a dental crown treatment to improve the situation.

If you have ever suffered dental damage that has led to a severe oral accident in your smile, it is important to understand that teeth may be able to restored assuming inner pulp damage has not occurred. Barring any kind of infections to the inner part of a tooth, teeth that are so severely damaged they may need to be extracted. Dental crowns are designed to cap and conceal teeth on all sides for a durable hold that will not only improve the look of a smile but can also add an additional layer of protection. They are extremely pleasing aesthetically because they can be customized and crafted to your exact dental profile and give you the look a tooth needs.

Dental crowns can even be used on previous tooth restorations and replacements. They can fit over the top of previous treatments and provide added protection. In situations where dental fillings are needed on teeth, but not enough tooth remains, dental crowns can hold the tooth and the filling together effectively. If dental damage has occurred to a tooth to the point a tooth is shattered into pieces, it may be a possibility to bind the pieces together once more and allow the dental crown to hold them for a functional tooth for the future. Dental crowns are also extremely durable and can often provide decades of support.

Your smile can shine on for many years to come thanks to dental crown restorations. If you require aid with dental crown restorations, you are welcome to book an appointment with Dentist 4 Life - Mark DeVuyst DDS, PC by calling 586-416-1625. Dr. Mark DeVuyst and our entire team at our dentist office in Clinton Township, Michigan, look forward to upgrading your smile with dental crown restorations.