A Partial Denture Can Help Replace the Function and Appearance of Teeth Lost to Untreated Cavities

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If you struggle to maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine, then you are placing your teeth at risk for developing new cavities. Left untreated a cavity on one tooth can promote tooth decay to develop on the surrounding teeth. Without professional treatment at Dr. Mark DeVuyst’s dental office, the roots of multiple teeth could become severely decayed or infected.

If multiple teeth in one area are lost this way they might not be viable for restoration by a dental implant. This is even more likely to be a problem if you’ve struggled with severe gum disease in the past.

In a case like this Dr. Mark DeVuyst can fit you for a removable partial. This dental appliance mimics the appearance and function of the missing teeth, set into a pink medium that matches the appearance of your gums.

The process of fitting you for a partial denture starts with a thorough examination the area to make sure the surrounding teeth are healthy. If any other teeth in have also been compromised by tooth decay or periodontal disease Dr. Mark DeVuyst might recommend having them extracted and replicated in the partial denture

Once this is done he will prepare detailed impression of the area. It will be sent to a professional dental lab where you partial denture will be created.

If you live in the Clinton Township, Michigan, area and you have suffered multiple tooth loss, you should call 586-416-1625 to schedule a restoration consultation at Dentist 4 Life - Mark DeVuyst DDS, PC.